Dr Brown is a homeopath in Birmingham, England who was an NHS GP until 2013 and since then has been offering homeopathy privately for a wide range of medical conditions for both children and adults. She became increasingly concerned about the side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. At the same time a growing number of her patients became interested in a natural approach to treat their symptoms rather than just rely on drugs.
This stimulated her interest in natural therapies and especially homeopathy which is a complete and holistic approach in promoting health and well being. It uses medicines from natural sources which stimulate the body's immune system to heal itself from within. This was opposite to the approach used by modern or allopathic medicine, which sought to suppress symptoms by pharmaceutical drugs involving large doses of substances and thereby drive the problem deeper within the body, making their chronic disease worse in time.
The success of homeopathy has been supported by successive audits carried out by Dr Brown.
The latest patient outcomes audit in 2015 showed an improvement in their health by 81.5% and the sense of well being by 86.8%.

Dr Brown is also a retired member (2016) of the Faculty of Homeopathy (MfHom).

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